The Hack Track | Hacking, Python, Digital Marketing Class | All In One
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The Hack Track | Hacking, Python, Digital Marketing Class | All In One

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Product Description

o The Hack Track

Ø Bug Bounty

Ø Networking

Ø System & Wi-Fi Hacking

Ø Location Tracking


o How to Become a Ethical Hacker 

 Networking | iP, mac, dNS, fTP, udp, tCP, sMTP, http, HTTPS

 CIA model

 Port Scanning

 Subdomain Finding

 Host Scanning


o Understanding of Wireless Hacking

Ø Wi-Fi Hacking from wPS

Ø Wi-Fi jamming from DDOS Attack

Ø Wi-Fi hacking from Wi-Fi Phishing


o Learn Linux OS

Ø Understanding of Linux

Ø basic commend of Linux


o Become a Web Penetration Tester

Ø Foot printing

Ø XSS Attack

Ø Google Dork

Ø Forensics

Ø Server remote access | SSRF Attack

Ø Understanding of burp suite

Ø Business logic Vulnerabilities

Ø Web Scanning tool

Ø Nikto

Ø WPscan WordPress Security



o Python Programming

Ø General info

Ø Variables

Ø Data types

Ø Difference between python 2 & 3

Ø Understanding syntax

Ø First Program using python

Ø List

Ø Tuple

Ø set

Ø Dictionaries

Ø If else

Ø Loop

Ø A simple python project


o Digital Marketing

Ø Facebook Marketing

Ø WhatsApp Marketing

Ø Telemarketing

Ø Leads Management

Ø Affiliate marketing

Ø Telegram Marketing



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